Are Pocket Bullies Dangerous?

The pocket bully is the smallest variety of the American bully dogs. These dogs have athletic bodies capable of many feats. Naturally, some are frightened by the appearance of the pocket bully.

Any dog breed can display aggression if not raised in a loving home with enough socialization and training opportunities. When it comes to breeds like the pocket bully, which has so much power and capability, they can cause a great deal of destruction to their environment if they aren’t raised properly.

Just like any dog breed, pocket bullies can be dangerous dogs. However, it would be wrong to say pocket bullies (and other bully dogs) are inherently aggressive or dangerous. It ultimately comes down to the dog’s upbringing, whether a bully, Chihuahua, poodle or any other kind of dog.

While this essentially answers whether pocket bullies are dangerous, here’s more on why they aren’t inherently aggressive or destructive dogs. We’ll also shed light on why some think the pocket bully and other American bully dogs are considered dangerous.

Five Reasons Why Pocket Bullies Aren’t Dangerous Dogs

Below, you’ll find five reasons why pocket bullies aren’t dangerous dogs – and are quite the opposite.

  1. Companion Dogs: Despite the appearance of the pocket bully that may intimidate some, these dogs were actually bred to be companion dogs. Like any companion breed, pocket bullies are affectionate towards their owners and quickly warm up to strangers, whether human or animal.
  2. Aggression is Undesired: Being companion dogs, aggression of any kind is unwanted in pocket bullies, as per the American Bully Kennel Club. Aggression towards humans and dogs, along with viciousness and extreme shyness, are undesirable traits according to the breed standards.
  3. They Crave Human Attention: While all dogs have a way of their own to share their love and affection, pocket bullies are the cuddly ones. These dogs enjoy (and even crave) human touch, making them such loving dogs that want the attention of their owners all the time.
  4. Eager to Please: Pocket bullies want to please their owners. These dogs take pride in doing work for their people since they are heavily influenced by working dogs in their roots. This trait makes the breed obedient and makes it easy to teach manners.
  5. Sweet-Natured: Pocket bullies are sweet-natured dogs that seek to befriend strangers and other dogs, not attack them. They don’t have much desire to protect their owners from unfamiliar faces. However, they have a fair amount of prey drive that may trigger them to chase prey animals like squirrels.
Are Pocket Bullies Dangerous
Are Pocket Bullies Dangerous

What So Many People Get Wrong About Pocket Bullies

Pocket bullies are driven dogs with a natural desire to please their owners and do what they’re told. While this gives the breed an advantage in training, it can also make these dogs destructive if a pocket bully is paired with an owner who doesn’t know how to handle a dog or wants their dog to intend harm.

Due to the athletic capabilities of the pocket bully, behavioral issues can entice them to cause destruction to their home environment. However, this can happen with any dog breed with this type of personality. The idea that pocket bullies are dangerous is mostly due to the rising popularity of pocket bullies in recent years.

In the 1980s, the Doberman was deemed a dangerous breed. In the 90s, it was the Rottweiler. A decade later, it was the pit bull. Now, the scapegoat is the American bully, including the smallest bully type – the pocket bully.

However, it’s not true that these dog breeds are dangerous or evil. Unfortunately, some people adopt pocket bullies for the wrong reasons. They can make excellent companions and family pets, but because they are powerful dogs, a lack of socialization and neglect can make them display behavioral issues, including aggression.

When socialized properly in a loving home, any dog turns out to be a well-behaved pup that listens and loves their owners – the pocket bully is not an exception.

Pocket Bullies Aren’t Dangerous Dogs

Pocket bullies aren’t dangerous dogs, period. Lack of socialization paired with an owner that neglects their dogs can make any dog breed engage in aggression that causes destruction to their environment and others.

If you spend time with a properly socialized pocket bully, you’ll realize that they are just like any other dog. They want nothing but affection from their owner. In fact, pocket bullies might be one of the most demanding dogs in this regard. Pocket bullies don’t have a limit on the attention and love they receive from their owners.

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