What Eats A Dinosaur?

What Eats A Dinosaur? What Do Dinosaurs Eat?

Nothing eats dinosaurs, because dinosaurs are extinct. That means they no longer exist. The last dinosaurs died out around 60 million years ago.

However, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, most species, or kinds, of them had

A Model Dinsaur
What Eats Dinosaurs? Photo:Peng6

predators, or natural enemies. All of the animals that ate dinosaurs were other dinosaurs.

The most famous dinosaur predator was Tyrannosaurus rex, which looked like the model in the photo above. T. Rex was the top apex predator of its time. However, there were many other species of predatory dinosaurs as well.

And, what do dinosaurs eat? Nothing, because they are extinct! But when they were alive, some dinosaurs ate vegetation, while others ate other dinosaurs.

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