What Eats Algae?

What Eats Algae? What Does Algae “Eat?”

There are many different types of algae, and they can be many different colors, including green, blue and red. Algae—the plural of the word “alga”—often can be found in water, where it forms gooey mats. Some people call these mats of algae

Green Algae Pocked With Air Bubbles
What Eats Algae? Lots Of Small Creatures Find It Delicious. Photo:Jim Conrad

“pond scum.”

Algae may not look delicious to you, but many creatures could not live without them. The young of many aquatic animals such as frogs, fish and aquatic (water-dwelling) insects eat algae as their main source of food.

Some adult fish and other creatures also eat algae. Perhaps you have seen a type of catfish that that sucks the glass sides of aquariums? These catfish live on algae, which they vacuum off of glass and other objects with their mouths.

As for what algae “eats”—algae does not eat, because it is not an animal. Algae gets it energy from sunlight.

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